Happy New Year! What Are You Grateful For?

While waiting to go out yesterday evening, I was perusing the Facebook feed & saw a lot of “good riddance” posts, but I also saw this little meme being passed around, too.

To say that I’m a “happy” person is a bit of a joke, because I generally do not have a happy demeanor in the traditional sense of what one thinks is happy, but I am happy in the sense that I think I have a pretty good life.

What Am I grateful for? Well, for starters, that I won the lottery of life and was born in a developed nation. I have access to all the clean water, food & medical care that I could ever need. I am grateful that I can walk down my street and not be worried about what ever War Lord du jour or roving gang isn’t going to randomly start shooting. I am grateful that I have a blog where I can express my opinions and write whatever I want. I am grateful that I have a warm house, working sanitation, food on the table, cars that go and that I can afford to keep pets. Sounds silly & basic, doesn’t it? Probably 50% of the World’s population doesn’t enjoy the daily “luxuries” that I take for granted. Once housing, food & basic bills are taken care of, the rest is just details. Be grateful, I mean *really* grateful, for the basic stuff in life, because things can turn to shit in a heart beat, just ask the thousands of people who were without hydro this past week due to the ice storm. Hydro is pretty damn important when it is -12C outside & the furnace doesn’t work.

Do I cultivate optimism? Unfortunately I’m the kind of person that sees the “bad” things in life before the good. Watching Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States over the holiday didn’t add to my sense optimism, either. I’m working on my optimism, but I’m afraid it may be a lost cause.

Avoid social comparison. Over the past few years, I’m mastered the art of not giving a fuck. This girl here, made a list of 14 things she’s not giving a fuck about this year. I heartily endorse not giving a fuck, it’s really quite liberating :)

Develop strategies for coping. If there was a contest for shittiest year every, I double dog dare anyone to beat me. However, did I look at the year as being shitty? No, I looked at this year as dealing with life. What happened in 2013?

My winter guardian/companion, family pet & all around great dog, H.O. died in July.

My Dad underwent treatment & beat cancer this year.

My Father-in-law had a massive stroke due to surgical complications & will be living out the rest of his life in a long-term care facility.

My 85-year-old Grandfather was diagnosed with¬†Alzheimer’s Disease.

I had a bit of a heart stopping moment where I was wondering how I was going to come up with the extra $400/month for my Lupus drug. The drug that I am receiving for Lupus treatment is $2000/month and Sean’s insurance used to cover 100% of the cost. This year the company decided they were only going to cover 80%. Things worked out when the drug company picked up the remainder of the cost. *phew*

So when it came to shittiness this year, I got game. However, when it comes to coping strategies, I got game, too. It’s all about the attitude & at the risk of sounding too preachy, I accept the things I cannot change and have¬†the courage to change the things I can. Maybe it’s the problem = solution German in me, but if there is a problem & I see a solution, I fix it. If I cannot see a solution, I rationally deal with the fallout. Wallowing in misery because life dealt me a shitty hand isn’t my style. Bad things happen, but good things happen too, it’s all part of the random casino of life and you just have to roll with it.

Commit to goals. While there was a great deal of shittiness this year, there was a good thing, too. In April, I opened up my Etsy shop, Busy Beaver Boutique, and it’s showing a lot of promise. I’m working hard to make the store better and I’m adding new products to sell everyday. In the next few months, I’m going to open an Etsy shop selling vintage goods. Things worth having come with a lot of work and I’ve got my work boots on :)

So, what are your goals for 2014? What are you committing to? How are you working to make this year a good one?

Wishing all my friends a happy & prosperous New Year! Peace & love!

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5 Responses to Happy New Year! What Are You Grateful For?

  1. Edie says:

    Great post, Karen — especially given the crappy last year you had. I like that meme post too, though someone I don’t see you adhering to #11 (me neither) ;-)

    My goal is to write another book or two (I have one half finished in the hopper, one I’ve decided to publish with a “curated” publisher if it’s one I opt for). I’m still figuring out which direction to go, how to raise the money that’ll give me the time to write — and, I hope, to make more money.

    Happy New Year, Karen. You are one of the nicest misanthropes I know.

  2. This is a wonderful post! Thankyou!

    I am grateful for everything good that comes in my life, I am grateful for a healthy body and a healthy family, not to mention how healthy my dogs and cats are!

    I am grateful for a lot of things in life but I guess these are the main things :)

    Jessie, Charlie Boy, Roman and Brooke xxxx
    Jessica French recently posted..Christmas Haircut for Charlie Boy!!My Profile

  3. I don’t spend enough time being grateful. That is a lovely meme full of good advice. #10 would be my most difficult to adhere to. I’m way too practised at procrastination :(

    I checked out your shop, it’s amazing!! I was tempted to get out the knitting needles but it’s summer and the garden awaits.
    Greyhounds CAN Sit recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Starting 2014 In The Best Way!My Profile

  4. Kenzo says:

    You’re a fighter Karen!
    Happy New Year to you too and that the new shop will be successful soon.
    And btw, #2 is overrated. My always over-optimistic views regularly gets me into trouble.

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