That’s Damn Interesting! Lovely Links 03-22-2012

og People. No words, just awesome

A peek inside the life of Zentarr Elisabeth, The Lhasa the won Crufts this year.

The 108th Explorers Club Annual Dinner was held in Manhattan. Exotic meats were on the menu this year. Care for some scorpion?

A body suit for training racehorses?

It’s pet poision prevention week. Here’s some handy info

10 pictures of dogs wearing gas masks

Best dog treat jars EVER!!

Make your own bacon roses!

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3 Responses to That’s Damn Interesting! Lovely Links 03-22-2012

  1. Jen says:

    I love the dog treat jars! They are so stylish!
    and the bacon roses…OMG, drooling!

    thanks so much for the mention too:)

  2. Kristine says:

    Mmm… Scorpion. I’ve always prided myself on being one of the world’s least picky eaters. There isn’t much I won’t try at least once. But I have yet to eat a bug on purpose. Maybe if it was chopped up and deep fried?

  3. My horses want those suits! So cool!

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