That’s Damn Interesting! Lovely Links 02-09-2010

Blanket ID Pet Tags is celebrating Responsible Pet Ownership Month! If you “like” their Facebook page, you will recieve a coupon to put towards the purchase of an ID tag!

More pets have died after consuming chicken dog treats manufactured in China. See if your brand is on the suspect list, it’s not only dollar store brands that are involved.

8 things a massage therapist learned from 50 naked people

Cats like to sleep in weird positions

Stupid things we do online & how to fix them

Are French parents the best parents?

What would happen if all the cats in the World suddenly died?

Tips for dating when you have pets

The most miserable cities in the US

Kolchak Puggle is giving away 5 Real Meat dog food gift packs. See contest details here

The Birds of America was complete, a collection of 435 hand-colored, life-size prints of nearly 500 bird species, on pages that measured 39 by 26 inches. It sold at a Christie’s auction for $7.9 million USD. Today it is considered one of the best ornithological works ever; it includes 25 species discovered by Audubon and six that have gone extinct since its publishing.

Excellent tips for proper feline nutrition

Weight loss tips for you AND your dog!

Traveling to the UK with your pet has gotten a little easier!

Travel tips for Seniors that have pets

I’m Canadian, but I don’t play hockey. Does that mean I have to give up my citizenship?

And for some extra ‘hockey” fun, some Stompin’ Tom!

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5 Responses to That’s Damn Interesting! Lovely Links 02-09-2010

  1. Jen says:

    Wow, I am surprised to see 3 cities from Ohio in the list of most miserable cities, I thought only Cleveland would be in there! Maybe I need to relocate!

  2. I love these posts Karen. That cat picture is fabulous. (And yes, we’ll be expecting you to turn yourself into the nearest embassy for deportation to a way less awesome country. Not a hocky fan. That’s unpatriotic!)

  3. melf says:

    Loved the links. The one from the massage therapist was awesome and the one about what would happen if there were no cats was interesting. Thanks for spreading the word on the chicken jerky treats too.

  4. Another great collection of links. I love that cat cartoon and the information on the chicken jerky is so important. It’s easy to make those type of treats at home, and much safer than anything coming out of China!

  5. cate says:

    Thanks so much for the mention Karen – really appreciate it! :)

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