Free Plans For Building A Dog Wheelchair

Dog wheelchairs are a very useful piece of equipment for a dog that has lost the use of it's back legs. They allow the dog mobility and the ability to participate in the goings on of the household. These wheelchairs can be quite expensive to purchase, so why not try to make your own dog wheelchair for a fraction of the cost? Come and browse the selection of dog wheelchair plans that I have provided and get inspired! All links will take you offsite from Doggie Stylish


dog wheelchair black

How to Recycle a Human Wheelchair Into a Large Dog Wheelchair

Available through Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue.



dog wheelchair doxie

How to Build a Wheelchair For a Dachshund

Available through



dog cart

Build a Wheelchair For a Corgi

Click on the articles link in the right hand column and look in the health section.

The plans are very detailed with lots of pictures.




Free Dog Wheelchair Plans

This blog is entirely dedicated to the construction of this wheelchair.

The instructions are very detailed and well written.

Available thru the Doggy Wheels blog.




How To Build A Wheeled PVC Sling For a Small Pet

There are no how-to pictures, but the written instructions are okay

Available thru the Handicapped Pets website.




How To Build A Quad Wheelchair For A Dog

There is a blueprint drawing and some written instructions that are okay.

Available thru the Handicapped Pets website.




John's Two Wheeled Dog Cart

This wheelchair has been specifically designed for a dog with a mid-back injury.

The blueprint picture are the only instructions available.

Available thru the Handicapped Pets website.

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