Free Patterns For Dog Beds

Everyone wants a special place to relax and your dog is no exception. Dog beds can be expensive to buy, so why not learn how to make your own dog bed? It's a fun way to use your sewing skills to make a nice place for your dog to take a nap. I have scoured the internet to find all the best free dog bed patterns, so come take a look and then get sewing! All the links listed here will take you offsite from Doggie Stylish.


finished dog bed

Quick & Dirty DIY Dog Bed Tutorial

Make a dog bed with an old pillow & fabric un 30 minutes or less.

Available thru the Doggie Stylish Blog.




Recycle An Old Skirt Into A Pet Bed

This tutorial can make a bed suitable for a small pet.

Available thru the Unusual Farm Chick blog.



dog bed yorkie

Free Crochet Pattern For a Small Dog Bed

Available through



cat bed suitcase

How To Make A Pet Bed From a Vintage Suitcase

Make a hipster bed for your small dog or kitty!

Available thru the Shrimp Salad Circus blog.



flokati dog bed

DIY Tutorial for a Flokati Dog Bed

Available through the Apartment Therapy website.




Free Pet Pattern For A Bone Shaped Dog Bed

Suitable for a small to medium sized dog.

Available as a PDF thru




How To Sew A Patchwork Dog Bed

Suitable for a small to medium sized dog.

Available as a PDF thru



dog bed craft

Free Pattern For a No Sew Fleece Dog Bed

Make this adorable dog bed with no sewing required!

The instructions for this tutorial is on the third page of the discussion thread.

Available through





dog bed sewing

Sew a Square Dog Bed

Available through




How To Make A Polar Fleece Snuggle Dog Bed

Make this bed with a pillow and a polar fleece jacket.

Available through the Instructables website.



dog bed basset

Sew a Dog Bed With a Quilted Top

Available through the Better Homes & Gardens Website.



dog bed quilted lab

Free Quilting Pattern For a Dog Bed

Available through the Better Homes & Gardens website.



pet bed donut

Sewing Pattern For a Donut Shaped Dog Bed

The tutorial for this coat is easy to follow with a lot of good how-to pictures.

Available through Pretty Little Things Blog.



dog bed crochet

Crochet a Dog Bed From Recycled Sweaters

The tutorial is easy to follow & this is a great way to reuse old sweaters!

Available through



dog bed min pin

Recycle an Old Pillow Into a Pet Bed

Learn how to turn an old pillow into a small dog bed.

Available through





dog bed zebra

Small Dog Bed Pattern

This bed is suitable for a small dog or a cat.

Available through



round dog bed hgtv

Sew a Round Dog Bed With a Removable Cover

Available through the HGTV website.



dog bed footstool

Recycle a Foot Stool Into a Dog Bed

Available through the HGTV website.



dog bed felted

Pattern For a Small Felted Dog Bed

This pattern is suitable for a small dog or a cat.

Available through




How To Sew A Luxury Dog Bumper Bed

Available thru the Inspiration & Realisation blog.




How To Sew A Colour Spectrum Pet Bed

This bed is a lot of work to make but it is SO pretty!

Available thru the Design Sponge website.




How To Make A Quilted Bolster Bed For A Dog

The instructions for making the quilt squares & the bed are very detailed.

Available thru the Moda Bake Shop website.


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