Free Patterns For Dog Harnesses And Dog Backpacks

A dog harness is a great piece of equipment for walking your dog. Some small dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers are prone to having their tracheas collapse if they pull too hard on their collars, so for those breeds, a walking harness is a must. Dog Harnesses are also an essential piece of gear in weight pulling competitions and dog sled races. If you are hiking, why not put your dog to work by making your own dog back pack? Learn how to make your own dog harness by browsing our library of free dog harness patterns, you can make one for a fraction of the cost of a store bought one. All links listed here will take you offsite from Doggie Stylish


finished harness ribbon

Free Sewing Pattern For a Small Dog Ribbon Harness

A free tutorial for making a ribbon harness for a small dog.

 Available through the Doggie Stylish Blog.




Free Sewing Pattern For A Dog Harness

Good tutorial with lots of pictures.

Available thru the Moda Bake Shop blog.



dog harness blue

Free Custom Dog Harness Pattern

A very detailed tutorial with easy to follow instructions.

Available through make-and-build-dog-stuff.



dog harness vest

Make a Dog Vest Harness

A great tutorial with lots of instructions and pictures.

Available through the HGTV website.




How To Make A No Pull Dog Harness

Make this harness from an existing dog harness, heavy rope & zip ties.

Available thru




How To Make A Little Dog Harness

Available thru Dog Under My Desk.





leash harness

Free Pattern to Crochet a Harness and Leash For a Small Dog

This cute project is suitable for small dogs, cats or ferrets if you modify the loops.

Available through


Make Your Own Dog Harness

There are a few different harness patterns available here.

Make a weight pulling harness, a dog carting harness and a sledding harness.

Available through



Make Your Own Dog Harness For $4.25

A decent tutorial with some pictures.

Available through eHow.



Dog Backpacks



dog back pack

How to Make aDog Pack

Learn how to make a dog pack from a horse saddle bag.

Available through



dog back pack craft

Free Dog Backpack Pattern

This is a really great tutorial with very easy to follow instructions and lots of good how to pictures.

Available through




How To Make A Dog Back Pack For $10

Make this dog back pack with 2 fanny packs and a dog harness

Available thru




Make A Dog Back Pack From Scratch

the instructions are a little small and hard to read, but very detailed!

available thru



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