Free Patterns For Dog Bandanas

Dog bandanas are a great little fashion accessory for any dog. You can dress your dog up quickly for any occasion and since they are like a collar, most dogs accept them easily. You can make a holiday bandana, a sporty bandana or an everyday bandana, it's just up to you. Sewing a dog bandana is probably the easiest dog craft project that you can do since it requires minimal sewing skills and you can use up whatever leftover fabric scraps that you have. All the free sewing patterns for dog bandanas listed here are free to use and all links will take you offsite from Doggie Stylish.


jersey dog bandana free pattern

Free Sewing Pattern For an Over The Collar Dog Bandana

a free tutorial for how to make an over the collar dog bandana

 available through the Doggie Stylish Blog.



collar bandana

How to Sew a Double Sided Dog Bandana

learn how to sew this adorable double sided dog bandana that slides over your dog's collar.

available through the Roses Are Blue blog.




How To Make A Reflective Dog Bandana

A great tutorial with clear and consice how-to pics

Available thru




Free Pattern For An Over The Collar Dog Bandana

Available thru the Childmade Tutorials Blog.





dog bandana weimaraner

Free Dog Bandana Pattern

A good tutorial with lots of how-to pictures.

Available through



dog bandana double sided

Free Pattern For a Double Sided Dog Bandana

Available through



dog bandana crochet

Free Crochet Pattern For a Dog Bandana

Available through


dog bandana collar cover

Free Crochet Pattern for a Collar Cover Dog Bandana

Available through



dog bandana cs

Sew a Dog Bandana With Rick Rack

Available through





bandana ragged

Free Sewing Pattern For a Ragged Edge Dog Bandana

This is an awesome way to use up all the scraps of fabric that you have lying around, and it looks good, too.

Available through




How To Crochet A Bandana For A Chihuahua

Available thru the Posh Pooch Designs blog




How To Make A Tie Dye Dog Bandana

Available thru




Sew A Halloween Pet Bandana

Make this cute over the collar bandana out of felt.

Available thru the Dreams Are Necessary Blog.



Free Dog Bandana Pattern

There is no picture of the finished product, but the how-to instructions are really good.

Available through


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