Free Sewing Patterns For Dog Coats - Page 2

Are looking for a free sewing pattern to make a dog coat from scratch? Maybe you have an old sweatshirt or sweater that you would like to upcycle into a coat for your pooch. Come browse my library of free sewing patterns for dog coats! I have found so many that I had to make a second page! All links will take you offsite from Doggie Stylish



How To Design A Custom Dog Coat

Hands down, this is the BEST dog coat tutorial that I have ever seen!

Very detailed pictures and instructions.

Available thru the Embroidery Library website.




How To Upcycle A Hoodie Into A Dog Coat

With an old hooded sweat shirt and minimal sewing skills, you can turn a hoodie into a dog coat!

Available thru




How To Upcycle a Fleece vest Into A Greyhound Coat

With minimal sewing skills, you can upcycle an old fleece vest into a spanky new coat for your Greyhound!!

Available thru






How To Make A Custom Dog Hoodie From Scratch

Learn to make a custom sized hoodie for your dog.

Available thru Bumbling Panda Tumblr Blog.




Upcycle A Kids Sweater Into a Dog Sweater

With some cutting and sewing, you can make this project!

Available thru the Resweater Blog.




Make A Polar Fleece Dog Sweater

No how-to pictures, but instructions seem easy enough to follow.

Available thru




 Make A Punk Rock Dog Coat

Decorate a dog hoodie to make your dog look like a punk rocker.

Available thru




How To Sew A Fleece Dog Vest

With minimal materials, you can sew your own polar fleece dog vest.

Available thru




Upcycle A Sweater Sleeve Into a Dog Coat

This project requires minimal sewing.

Available thru the Babbles By Brook blog.



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