Free Knitting Patterns For Dog Coats

If you are looking for knitting patterns for dog coats, you have come to the right place! So enjoy browsing thru my library of free dog knitting patterns, I'm sure that you will find one that is perfect for your dog!! All links will take you offsite from Doggie Stylish.



 dog sweater greyhound

Free Knitting Pattern For a Greyhound Coat

Make a sweater to keep your hound warm and cozy.

Available through



dog sweater coat drops

Free Knitting Pattern For a Dog Coat

Learn how to knit this adorable button up dog coat!

Available through



dog sweater cable pink

Knit a Cute Dog Shrug

Available through






dog sweater garter stitch

Knit a Garter Stitch Dog Coat

This coat pattern is resizable to almost any size of dog.

Has a handy breed size chart, too.

Available from



dog coat pink

How to Knit a Dog Coat

This pattern is available in small, medium and large.

Available through




Knit A Plaid Dog Coat

Available as a PDF thru Classic Elite Yarns.




Knit A Tuxedo With Tails Dog Coat

Available thru




How To Knit A Fur Fringe Dog Coat

Sweater suitable for a small dog.

Available as a PDF thru







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